World No Tobacco Day

Ban Tobacco


Tobacco is the only legal consumer product that kills when used exactly as indicated by the manufacturer.

According to the World Heallh Organization, 1 billion people will be killed in the 21st century due to smoking and only effective policies at the global level can reduce this deadly toll.

Why is tobacco an area of concern globally?

# Smoking is the risk factor for 6 out of 8 leading causes of death in the wor1d. It harms everyone who uses it or is exposed to it and kills 1 in every 2 users.
# Around the world, nearly 5.4 million people every year die from lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

The WHO estimates that in the 21st century, about 1 billion people around the wodd, will die from smoking, ten times the number killed throughout the 20th centuly.
This number could increase to more than eight million a year by 2030.*
* Voluntary Health Association of India

India’s Annual Death Toll from Smoking May Soon Top One Million.

A pandemic of smoking-related death and disease is poised to claim a million lives each year in India unless something is done soon to turn the situation around, warns a major new study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The largest-ever survey of Indian smoking habits and their relation to mortality was led by Dr. Prabhat Jha, from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Health Research.


From this year onwards 1 million Indians are going to die from smoking every year.

That is the equivalent of 2740 people every day or 114 people every hour or about 1.9 Indians will die every minute from smoking.

Smoking and Deaths in India

      INDIA: 1 million (10 lakh) smoking deaths per year during 2010s


      Smoking causes 10% of the 10 million (1 crore) deaths per year from all fatal diseases


      70% of smoking deaths are in middle age (30 – 69): 700,000; 600,000 men and 100,000 women


      20% of all adult male deaths and 5% of all adult female deaths in middle age


    Over 50% of smoking deaths are in illiterate adults


Half the male tuberculosis deaths in India are caused by smoking, and three quaners of the smokers who become ill with tuberculosis (TB) would not have done so if they had not smoked. These are the conclusions of a major new study led by the Epidemiological Research Center in Chennai, India and primarily funded by the UK Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK.

“Smokers seem to have higher propensity (to TB) and suffer much worse consequences. In India smoking was causing TB and killing more people than lung cancer.”
Dr. P C Gupta of Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health (Reported In Times of india)





  1. I am a recently elected council member in a small city in the southern US. I want to propose a ban on the sale of nicotine based products (including all tobacco products) in the city limits. Does anyone know of similar city ordinances that have either passed (or even been defeated) that I could adapt for my own quest to ban the sale of tobacco?

  2. I went to a big city and smelled a lot of smokers and now i hate hate smoking

  3. It is so sad how much tobacco products ruin lives and relationships. It makes honest people into liars and binds them to a form of enslavement. Most people use it like drinking, as a way to connect and feel less anxious. Most people don’t think beyond that. They choose to ignore the reality of the garbage that is this industry that destroys lives and families and friendships. The health repercussions alone should be enough to say these things should be outlawed. We already ban there use in public places, schools. But the health issues aside that people I think still need a much larger reality check with, you have the interpersonal and addiction problems that’s come from the use of these things. It is completely ridiculous to talk to a person who says they don’t want to be a smoker and want to live longer and healthier and say they are not proud of their tobacco use yet do it anyway. They call themselves self respecting. Then there is the moral and ethical issue. By using and purchasing these products people are undoubtedly supporting a horrible industry that continues to make money off of killing people and sucking younger people in early. Every smoker who eventually develops cancer or copd or one or more of the many disturbing life destroying ailments directly linked to tobacco use regrets not quitting as they see their life flash before their eyes. Remembering all the warnings and pleadings from family or friends who cared, instead choosing to be selfish and instead of seeking help and taking the issue seriously because it is serious, yes you have paid a company to poison you and make you dependent on that poison. It is your fault alone. It comes down to the individual, take some pride in yourself and respect for your body and for the love and mental well being of yourself and those who love and care about you. For those who want to see you healthy and live longer not enslaved.

    Then if you want to get into the politics of it well. Guess what all you selfish people. Guess who gets to pay for your sorry ass health problems. Yup the tax payers. You buy smoking and developing diseases that were most likely avoidable had you not been stupid enough to let a substance control you ends up being a burden on society. Yup you increase the debt and taxes we all have to pay. Thanks for that.

    I get so sick of feeling like i have to be sensitive to people for making their own choice about smoking because honestly they don’t deserve sympathy they are not doing themselves or anyone a service and should feel ashamed, disgusting and low for doing it because the reality is that it is all of those things and nothing more. Maybe some shaming is what is needed. Not so much it’s ok it’s so hard I know. F**k that life is hard learn to deal with it in productive ways and stop being so selfish and stupid. Go meditate and become more mindful. Stop supporting this huge horrific industry and stop being so self centered, it’s not all about you.

    These things damage so much. The bodily harm they cause alone is enough let alone and the exposure to innocent by standards who inhale the second hand smoke. The industry you are supporting that promotes the glorification and uncontrolled use of this garbage should be shut down. I am all about freedom to choose in most things but that’s when the playing field is even and these products are designed by their very nature to have a hold on you. You need a greater will to beat it and it can be done you have to do it and mean it. Stop minimizing it and saying I’ll be done after the next one. Stop them altogether and walk away, deal with the withdrawals and get through them and become stronger.

    Destroy the tobacco industry save lives save money save pollution. Their just is no more excuse this day in age.

  4. When a tobacco user finally gets cancer, they all wish it was banned.

    • as an X smoker for 16 years I can’t stand the smell of a cigarette on someone’s Breath or cloths. It messes with my sinuses. Smoking causes Cancer and lung disease. When a women smokes it’s unattractive. I don’t find that sexy at all. When they find out they have cancer they worry about what will I do now will I see tomorrow. Well it suits you well you deserve to have cancer. You women smokers will love this Breast Cancer remove one or both Breasts. Do I feel bad for you NO not at all.

  5. We need to ban tobacco, but we can’t stop there. Liquor kills millions of people around the world and is responsible for misery, the breakup of families, and dozens of debilitating diseases, not to mention the amount of property damage, crime, and violence drunks cause.
    After we ban Tobacco and booze, we need to go after OBESITY.
    Heart disease is the LEADING cause of death in the US and everyone knows exactly what causes most heart disease: Fat-clogged arteries.
    Everywhere I go these days I see giant fat people waddling down the street. It’s an epidemic of vast proportions.
    We MUST require EVERY American to register with their doctor for a “Fat Card” which would allow ONLY people with a healthy amount of body fat (but not the obese or overweight) to eat in restaurants or purchase Ice Cream, hamburger, Steak, Chips, Fries, fried chicken, pizza, Steak subs, Mayonnaise, Butter or margarine, Cream, whole milk, oils, Avocado products, Baby-back ribs, salt, and ANY food that could potentially contribute to obesity and heart disease in people who are inclined to overeat.
    Billions of $$ are spent every year on medical procedures and health issues related to obesity! It MUST be stopped!
    After we conquer obesity-related diseases, we can go after the extreme athletes that constantly show up at the emergency room with one medical issue after another, broken bones, fractured joints, concussions, death, etc…
    NO ONE has the right to risk their life climbing rocks, for instance, and expect the REST OF US to bail them out when they fall.
    The only exercises that should be allowed are exercises that can be done without putting the exerciser in danger: Walking, mild jogging, Yoga, Pilates, stretching, etc…

    In short, we’re all in this together and you do NOT have the right to endanger yourself with risky behavior. It’s not YOUR body. It’s EVERYONE’S body. Take care of it.
    Or else.

    • Ban limitations on personal freedom. You can’t prevent people from doing things that are bad for them. Never can. Never will.
      Eating too much fat/calories is bad for you. Should we enlist the government to enforce good eating habits? After all, heart disease is the number 1 cause of premature death in America.
      Would you like to solicit government permission to buy a steak? How abut a cholesterol-packed lump of cheese? How about a few potato chips?
      Do any of you “ban smoking” folks even have a clue where I’m going with this?

    • no offence, but u sound like an extremist bro

    • You are rediculous. You seem to judge everyone. Oh my god. Not fat people. Oh no a fat person. Do you fear gays to. What is wrong with you. I won’t even check the email

  6. the real problem is smoke inhalation. nicotine by itself is a powerful vasoconstrictor, so it can cause loss of limbs in diabetics, for example. it is also highly addictive, so if someone gets it by smoke inhalation, they will have a tendency to continue doing so. that is where the real problem starts. smoke is made up of harmful chemicals.

    • Smoke is harmful and smoking is bad but we can’t just go on the internet and bash people like some of these others are doing. Good job for being appropriate about it. Some guy starting ranting about fat people like a cop coo

  7. Jimmy Henrichsen

    Look every other drug is illegal. Alcohol and tobacco destroy decision making, pollute the mind with addicting behaviors, and KILL PEOPLE everyday yet the government cannot take a stand and have the intestinal fortitude to Ban these drugs because the almighty dollar and profits these industries generate they feel would cause more damage to the economy and in turn choose the dollar over lives. Yes it is the choice of the individual ultimately but take this choice out of the equation and dollars and profit will come from other resources i.e. rehabilitation, excercise, food. The truth is that these drugs have been so engraved into the financial reliability of america that taking them away now would be devastating to so many businesses and industries and would create a chaotic situation amongst the users of the drugs (withdrawal). Truth is these drugs will not be illegal, not in my time on earth and probably not my children’s or children’s children time. It is very sad that our government has chosen the dollar and used these two drugs to control population. It is very sad that poison is chosen over health and all for a buck.

    • The government already tried to ban alcohol. Remember Prohibition?
      It didn’t work because people LIKE to drink, and if need be, they will brew beer, whiskey, and wine at HOME.
      And all the blue-nosed teetotalers can’t do a thing about it except whine and complain, and put on their “holier-than-thou” act. Which disgusts me.
      You can’t control everyone so just give it up and mind your own business.

  8. This is another world health problem that need to be solved. We can’t no longer ignore it. It is not good for nor people around the smoker, it is a norm that been build up. That it creates job is a myth, killing jobs would be the true fact. To focus on health sickness that it causes is just killing time. Why should we put our energy to cure diseases of unhealthy smoke. Be against it think of our coming generation, don’t be selfish. Because we care about our health mine and yours.

    • Tobacco should now be classed as a Class C drug in the UK, which would make it illegal to possess it. Smoking costs the NHS over £2 billion a year. This cannot continue, but the Prime Minister, David Cameron doesn’t want to take on the Tobacco companies because the Treasury receives around £9.5 billion from Tobacco duties per year. The Tories are pussyfooting around the issue by banning smoking in cars which carry children. The police in England have said that they won’t even enforce the ban.

  9. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States, causing over 480,000 premature deaths per year making it more lethal than any other legal or illegal drug. Tobacco does not only harm the user, but those around them as well, nearly 41,000 people die from second hand smoke a year, which makes many argue, should smoking be banned in all public places? While the smoker has made the choice to harm their body, and put their health at risk, those who do not smoke deserve to be protected from inhaling the harmful toxins found in cigarettes. It is estimated that 41.2 million American adults smoke, while 88 million non smokers are exposed to this deadly second hand smoke annually. Smoking used to be allowed almost everywhere, even air planes, but due to important health information regarding the risks related to smoking, their have been many forms of smoking bans passed around the world. The main focus of smoke free laws and policies is to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. However, smoke free laws can also motivate and help tobacco users quit, which may not be the main goal but is still a positive result. By establishing bans against public smoking, everyone is able to benefit from it, the smokers, as well as the non smokers.

  10. I think tobacco should be illegal everywhere. I don’t know why no governments of any level has banned tobacco. It is lethal. Weed is less dangerous than tobacco, yet it is illegal in most states. The f****** tobacco companies are corrupt and evil.

  11. Still why there is no Ban on Tobacco cultivation in India and world ?
    I wish to make agitation and mass movement for ban of Tobacco.

  12. you stupid stupid people. BAN LIQUOR! Liquor affects generation after generation of familes. I’m 62 and I smoke BECAUSE I have severe PTSD from an alcoholic mother who sexually abused me at the age of 8, threatened me with death, and from there on more sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse, not only from her, but my father – they were both alcoholics. My smoking only hurts me and I hope I DO GET cancer – the pain of the PTSD is worse than anything people with cancer or als, or even the vets that come back might have – over 50 yrs of SEVERE PTSD and Panic Attacks! Dumb Dumb! Hypocrites!!!!!

  13. Interestingly, the United States is probably the most anti-smoking country in the developed world. Here in Japan, I’m constantly dodging tobacco junkies walking by in public with their lit cigarettes. Here, fast food joints still have smoking sections, though the McD near the train station around here is getting rid of its own death chamber, thankfully. To all you consequential denialists … I mean … libertarians whining about personal freedom, how about everyone else’s freedom from lung cancer?

  14. That’s quite a duality “it makes people sick” but let them do it!? How about studious research lowers IQ? Only birds may be allowed to drive? Ripe place to plant all kinds of dementia imbalances_ Though it’s rumored that some guy named ‘Adolf’ already tried it!? Shouldn’t It be better to allow common sense to take away the cigarettes as well as learning how to dwell in greater harmony_

  15. Ban tobacco! We could use the land to grow food, save billions in healthcare, and help people live better lives. I wouldn’t worry about overpopulation as if a better standard of living developed in the countries with high birth rates then the birth rates will decrease and population growth will slow down/

  16. Ban production. No supply no harm. Produce food in these lands. World will live longer.

  17. My band member/great friend died yesterday from cancer.
    He had a massive heart attack…
    looking back I would of changed a lot of things i did.
    But i guess I’ll have to live with those decisions 
    BAN THAT F****** SHIT!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!! 

  18. It’s a good thing though don’t  getting the population  to overpopulated and it will ruin the economy if you ban it while promoting Big ‘brother’ aka big government which already exists . It will also give cartels something else to grow and make it easier for younger kids to get just like weed. I’m an American and its about Personal choices I find this article offensive

  19. Its always a pleasure to see great content,and will follow your

  20. In my view whatever it could be done to stop smoking, is good.
    Smoking is harmful to society and society has a right to impose
    limit on harmful activity. At least that is my view

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